Allow alternative ignore file name: .seafileignore (along with seafile-ignore.txt)

Would be nice aesthetically speaking if the ignore file could be a hidden file like .gitignore.
So maybe .seafileignore?

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I think hidden file is not friendly to non-tech users.

That is very true.

I suppose there is the possibility to support both seafile-ignore.txt and .seafileignore
But, unless a lot of people want this feature, it’s probably not worth the extra complexity.

(Side note: Really loving seafile so far!)

For non-tech users I’d expect a context menu entry to add a specific file/folder to the ignore-file of the library

I would love to have a dot file for this. Every time I change the file I need to lookup again how to hide it. Accidental removal of the file would end in many GiB of file transfer I am trying to avoid.

What about a .seafileglobalignore, as well?