Android thirdparty sync applications

Dear Community,

it is commonly known that the official Seafile App does not sync anything besides the DCIM folder up to the server. (same as Dropbox and OneDrive by the way)
For Dropbox I got used to a tool called Dropsync. I could choose the local folder and the remote folder, set sync times and exclude filenames. Beside alot of more feature that I didn’t use in this App, it was/is very good. But now that I’m turning my back towards dropbox and co. I’m looking for something similar for seafile. I’m sure alot of you guys have testet and found apps that can do this and you trust meanwhile. I would like to know about these.

I doesn’t matter if its costs a couple of Euros/Dollars but it should be able to sync natively without Webdav and support 2FA

I already asked about Apps in this old thread and got some hints but the Thread got lost in some other topics.

The two mentioned App in that Thread were:

  1. Synchronize Ultimate
    Details state: nativ sync with seafile ( and I can confirm that)
    Last updated: 14. August 2017 (doesn’t sound very good to me)

I installed Synchronize Ultimate Free but I cannot login due to missing 2FA functionality.

  1. FolderSync Pro
    Details don’t state nativ sync with seafile but Webdav
    Last updated: 16. Mai 2018 (sounds better)

I installed the FolderSync Free version but I cant choose Seafile so I dont know if the recommendation was towards Webdav or if the User choosed some other Storage provider and got it working with seafile.

Nevertheless I hoped to get some more input from you guys out there, what App you prefer and why.

Kind Regards

I use FolderSync with SeafDav (WebDAV).

But I only sync in one direction. Either to the device (have some information available) or to Seafile (Backups)