Sync Folder of Android Smartphone to Seafile

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i’m currently evaluting seafile as a replacement for dropbox. I’m currently using a App called DropSync.
This App is very helpfull beause I can setup folder pairs on both sides (local Smartphone dir and on Cloud dir Storage) and define sync scedules and directions e.g. one way or both ways.
I believe it is done via dropbox api but actually I just need a similiar App for seafile.
Not sure about webdav but if thats the way to go I would use it.

petty that the mobil App doenst support this feature out of the box.

Hope there are some good aps for this, of not maybe someone can tell me what options (protocols) I have to sync from “outside” to seafile. then I would try to build my own app or let someone help me do that.

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Yes, Synchronize Ultimate

FolderSync also does a great job.

What account type do you use ? As it doesn’t list Seafile I tried Webdav but its didn’t work.
Please let me know how you set it up.

Thanks alot

It definatly lists seafile. For WebDAV, you have to enable SeafDAV, but there sometimes problems with WSGI.

You are right I used foldersync from shoeper :frowning:

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Just use the hyperlink and you’ll get to the App.

Im still Not Sure if I want to Place the Server at Home or Outside at a Hoster. If at a Hoster i would consider encryption. Can synchronize ultimate also sync folders with an encrypted Bibliothek?

I never tested it, probably not, I don’t know. But since the encryption of SeaFile isn’t the best, you should encrypt your drive with LUKS. Then, it’s safe and encrytion will be just a addtionial feature if you don’t trust TLS. If you use a serious hoster in Germany, it’s always safe.

currently I have a virtual root server at Hetzner (a german Provider) for about 3€ / Month. with that server I might tunnel IP4 Traffic to my IP6 Home Router where my Seafile would stand behind. I was thinking of using that virtual root server and installing seafile there. The provider also provides a service called storagebox I was thinking of renting 1TB / 9 € a Month and mounting that Box via NFS into the Root Server to the seafile.
I dont really like the idea of not having filename and foldernames encrypted but I was playing with the idea …
If you dont trust seafile encryption (why?) dont thinks I will go that path… even using LUKS might not be possible onto the storage box… at the moment I’m using Dropbox with Boxcryptor Classic. But its not convinient any more and I want to change things.
For home Setup I looking at Odroid with two SATA 2,5 Inch drives in Raid1 as its seams quite performant and cheap.
I also looked at synology but I think the hardware is poor and even if it runs out of the box there are so many services by default on the box that waste resources and just overbloat the menus.
I also checked out nextcloud but, I cannot explain why I just like seafile much more that any others…
I have a seafile running on the VM at home where I’m testing and trying to get published via DNS and IP6 Tunnel…

Thanks for your support so far.

For the cases SeaFile provides encryption. it’s prefect and easy to use. But it just encrypts what’s in the files, not the files self.
See here:

I think for most things you should trust your provider, to route the traffic to your home makes everything slow and very complicated, https should be enough for normal usecases. And these development boards are always dangerous to get issues and so I would make everything on the server. Important things can you encrypt or even use veracrypt container.

When hosting at home you don’t need to encrypt. I have used encryption now for a long time and it is just not comfortable. Sure it’s nice to have your stuff outside when you are also outside but the initial upload of 500gb is faster on a private cloud… So it both has is ups and downs. I don’t trust any provider my personal data that’s why I’m setting up seafile at home. And yes it is very complicated but when it’s done I learned a lot and can sleep well, knowing that my data is safe at home. It’s still a hard decision and I’m still not 100% sure what I will end up with, but veracrypt is a pain because it always uploads the entire container and that is even more worse than boxcryptor. it’s interesting that you trust a provider but don’t trust a odroid at home, why?
Thanks for input and challenging my project.
Kind regards

There are always two points to get a safe server. 1. Security. Of course, it’s nearly impossible to read your stored data at home, but they who want to will always try to read your traffic outside (to your server). Anywhere the same.
2. Stability. Of course, host providers have sometimes issues with their servers, but just take a look through the seafile Forum. There are some cases where the cheap hardware of people broke an they lost their data. Additionally, if your UPS is empty, the server have to go down for everthing, e.g. you want to acces it at this time with a laptop. Or if you are somewhere else and the power goes off for a long time, so the server won’t restart. Finally, to have safe data storage, you have to use ZFS. And I don’t believe your Ordroid can handle with RaidZ.
So if you want to run it at home, it’s your choice, but you have to use good and powerful hardware like in a server centre.

All in all, to encrypt a Volume with LUKS is easier.

Edit: Just my opinion, of course, you can jsut use a pi or the ordroid at home. But if you have a rented server, would use it, it’s your choice how much you trust you hoster.

I am using synchronize ultimate, but the problem is that files do get new creation dateson the seafile side. Anyone else facing this issue?

One of the known issues. You have to swap to some WebDav sync. I want to write an new seafile sync app for Android & iOS, but I’m too busy a the moment & I’ll wait until the new API of Seafile 7.0


Great to hear that. Are you planning to make an open source app, hence others can contribute, or will it be a closed source app for mentizing reasons?

Definitely Open Source, hopefully for both Android & iOS. But I’ll wait for Seafile 7.0.


This just sounds too good to be true :smiley:

@bionade24 hi, just bumped for further information, now that seafile 7 is available

Yes, I currently work on Seafile “sync” client for Sailfish OS (As this is my main smartphone os now) and will then try to use most parts for Android and iOS.