Sync Folder of Android Smartphone to Seafile


Hi All,

i’m currently evaluting seafile as a replacement for dropbox. I’m currently using a App called DropSync.
This App is very helpfull beause I can setup folder pairs on both sides (local Smartphone dir and on Cloud dir Storage) and define sync scedules and directions e.g. one way or both ways.
I believe it is done via dropbox api but actually I just need a similiar App for seafile.
Not sure about webdav but if thats the way to go I would use it.

petty that the mobil App doenst support this feature out of the box.

Hope there are some good aps for this, of not maybe someone can tell me what options (protocols) I have to sync from “outside” to seafile. then I would try to build my own app or let someone help me do that.

Kind Regards,


Yes, Synchronize Ultimate


FolderSync also does a great job.