Can’t add a fresh user to a group

We run CE 5.1.3 and use Ldap for most of our users, but also have DB users for customers etc.
Yesterday a customer signed up, I activated them and wanted to add them to the according group. Unfortunately they are not found by the dialogue. Old DB users and Ldap users are found without problem though.
I added the users using the Import via csv feature and they can access the group afterward.

Do you have any idea why this happens? Is it a known bug?

Let me know if you need any server settings.

Can you open console on your browser and have a look at the response info when you enter the new user into the dialog box.

The response is just fine. Actually it does find another user (from LDAP) with the same first name in the email. So it is not a communication issue.

  1. If the response has sth like this, or just an empty list {"users": []},
{"users": [{"avatar_url": "", "contact_email": "", "email": "", "name": "123"}]}
  1. is any useful info in ../logs/seahub.log ?

  2. what’s your configuration of CLOUD_MODE and ENABLE_GLOBAL_ADDRESSBOOK

  3. make sure you can see the new user listed in Database panel and the user is acitve.

HI @lian

I have the same behaviour since I setup LDAP login (on 7.07 pro).
It does not seem to have something to do with cloud mode nor global adress book, since i did not change these settings.

Can you confirm that users have to login first when they are in the LDAP, then you can add them to groups ?

I also noticed that for a user who is already in the LDAP but was created inside Seafile and looged in successfully, as a normal seafile user.

We used to set up accounts before the user gets use of its account. It would be difficult to change this behaviour (except for LDAP synchronized groups)…