Can't edit (or even copy!) e-mail/code text in mobile

There seem to be two problems with the “Contact email” field, at least with the settings I have here (I am a user, not an admin):
(1) Can’t change it from this strange SHA proxy code that appears to be implemented by default for most users (although I’ve seen some people have an actual e-mail).
(2) Can’t even copy that information, so as to paste it to send to someone (for example for them to add us to a team).

If there are any reasons for these behaviors, they are far from self-explanatory. Either we need some documentation ON screen, or else this is a bug and this is a bug report.

The most important thing for us is that we need to be able to copy this code and send it to someone to add to access groups. Desktop web browsers allow selection and copy, but phone browsers do not. Please allow copying this field. It should take all of five minutes to implement!