Custom CSS/ Branding

Someone @xface posted this on the .de forum for ver. 6 and I thought it maybe useful to some here as well.

The .css file can be downloaded below and customized to your liking:

@xface if you visit this forum,
Well done, nice job.


Updated .css file to fix share link color, and Library submenu

Adjust dropdown menu hover color.

Add to your custom.css:

.sf-dropdown-menu a:hover {
background: #4285D6;
text-decoration: none;
color: #fff;

and this for account-popup hover

.account-popup a.item:hover {
background: #4285D6;
text-decoration: none;
color: #fff;

Glad you could join us here.


I would try your dark theme but no link is working. Perhaps you can provide the css files again?

I am in the same case, the link is dead …

Here is a new link:

You will get a warning message as someone has marked as having malware, and I don’t think the devs are to worried about it.

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Thank you for posting a new link !

This link should remain valid as it is being hosted by Seafile.

I only ask that if you make changes please post back so we can keep this evolving and expanding.

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I had the time to download it ^^
And I like it very much this configuration Dark
By cons google indicates a dangerous file ???

Yes unfortunately someone uploaded a malware file and started sharing it and got the whole domain flagged so that’s where the error comes from.

I went ahead and changed the link to my Google Drive account to alleviate that warning.
I would share it with my personal Seafile server but I am forever reinstalling and redoing my server so the link will become invalid.

If you want I can put a link to the css file on my seafile server?

Doesn’t matter whichever you prefer. What needs to happen is the devs need to get with google and fix the issue with seacloud. You don’t see Dropbox & etc. getting marked with those warning. I know good and well many people share malicious stuff there.

Hello! I updated my custom. css, deleted unnecessary parameters, added a few new ones. Also disabled the background on the authorization page and changed the logo.


This theme look absolutly stunning. Unforchanatly your url seems down, is it possible for you to upload it somewhere else?

I temporarily turned off the server, I’m sorry. Server turned on, the link works again.
Duplicate files on GDrive


Thanks so much for sharing this xface!

Does someone know which .css file from the original seahub installation would be the best starting point to do ones own .css style sheet?

Is it seahub.css?

There are that many in seafile-server-latest/seahub/media/css

  • bootstrap.popover.min.css
  • doc_and_pdf.css
  • editormd.min.css
  • file_view_extra.css
  • jquery-ui.datepicker.min.css
  • mediaelementplayer.css
  • print_for_file_view.css
  • seacloud.css
  • seahub.css
  • seahub.min.css
  • select2.css
  • spreadsheet_convert.css
  • video-js.min.css

I think it is that one (or the min version but that should just be a minified version of seahub.css).

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Thanks shoeper

My open questions are all for changing the login page.

Who would know how to

  • Delete the requirement for a background picture (e.g. just make the background white or black)
  • adjust the size of the logo
    • Adjusting LOGO_WIDTH and LOGO_HEIGHT in does not affect the Logo on the login screen.

The rest seems pretty straight forward.

Did someone come around these issues already and know how to solve them?

(For the second item there is an issue in Github, but maybe there is a css way how to solve it? I asked that in Github as well )

Did you restart Seafile after changing it? Do you have webconfig enabled? Can it also be set there (then it would overwrite the setting from