Custom.css - its been a while but

I have a custom.css file and I reset the orange to blue - I was back reved and preformed an update - when smooth as glass!

I notice that the login has changes and the orange is back but just on the login submit button

I added this to my custom.css file and rebooted the server but the orange is still there - any pointers on what else I must do ?

.login-panel .submit {
margin:20px 0 15px;

Are you sure, it’s in production? Did you clear browser cache so custome.css file redownload? Just did that and it’s work.

I tried a different browser that I don’t normally use and the orange is still there. I tried on a buddy’s PC and its Orange, this PC had never gone to the seafile server

I sure wish there was just one config file to set all the colors

Can you open chrome developer panel and check the styles are only overwrited? Can you post here your config?

Don’t have chrome and I’m not sure I would know how to use the developer panel

I did get this from firefox - my color is not in there

Yes, it’s pretty same. Can post your seahub config?

The config file has branding and favicon set

LOGO_PATH = ‘custom/Cloud_Base_logo.png’
BRANDING_CSS = ‘custom/custom.css’
FAVICON_PATH = ‘custom/favicon.png’

I have downloaded a green css file from here - It has way more defined than my 100 line file

I copied just the custom.css file to seahub-data/custom and that seem to do the trick - I just have to replace the green with my colors now

Thanks for your input !!!

You maybe interested in the theme on this thread.

Thanks - I did see that what attracted me to the link I provided was that it uses a variable to set the color so you only have to find/change it once. It doesn’t “variableize” every color just the main one and the icons.

I think this is just a branch (if I am using the term correctly) of the dark theme