Czech translation Seafile 7.0.5

Today I upgraded Seafile server from 6.3.4 to 7.0.5. A lot of strings are not translated to Czech now which have already been translated in 6.3.4. What is wrong?

I guess it’s the same problem as in this post: Bughandling, Localization Support

Hence, delete the browser and memcached cache and you should be good again.

Thanks for tip. I deleted cache: rm -rf /tmp/seahub_cache/* and deleled browser cache, I tried different browsers and different computers and problem is still here.
In User Mode left panel is not translated. When I go to Settings and change language to Deutch, Left panel is in German.
In Admin Mode left panel is correctly translated to Czech.

The problem has been solved when I upgraded version 7.1.5 to version 8.0.4. So now in version 8.0.5 everything is correctly translated to czech language.