Difference between 6.1.8 and 6.2.5

Dear Community,

on my PC i have version 6.1.8 of the Client and it says that it is up2date. On the Website I found the different Version 6.2.5.

  • What are the differences between both ?
  • What version do you guys use?
  • Are there any Features / Drawbacks?
  • What about robustivness / speed how do they compare ?

Thanks for any Feedback

Hi @mulmer

Version 6.1.8 is the most stable version, while 6.2.5 is the more current version.

The changelog can be found here: https://manual.seafile.com/changelog/client-changelog.html

Personally i use 6.2.5 and anyone can use it, but there may be bugs since this version is currently under developing. This is the reason while the client currently says 6.1.8 is up2date. If 6.2.x is not being developed more and the last version showed no bugs for some time, this version will be the stable one and clients will be notified. It’s likely that 6.3.x will be released at this time.

Otherwise all “normal” users would have to update the software very frequently.