Err:11 jessie Release 401 Unauthorized [IP: 80]



Same problem here on linux mint 18.3



Here is another user experiencing issues.


Still no word on this? Anyone get it working yet?


But it is the same problem for Seafile command line client because says for Debian installation:

echo deb stretch main | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/seafile.list

So thx @bionade24 for the hint to install via backports!


The problem should be fixed now.

The reason was our nginx server tries to connect to a stale upstream server (due to this dns caching problem):

Thanks all for reporting this and feedback! And sorry for the late reply - during this week the whole team have been on holidays for the Chinese traditional new year. We’ll see how to setup proper monitoring for it.


Thanks for the update lins05.

Please disregard this post, it my fault for not changing the ‘jessie’ tag with the ‘bionic’ one. User error LOL!!!


working good now. thanks !!