File history and Only Office editing


I’m on pro 6.2.11.

I thought that editing a file in Only Office should create a new version oif the file in File history (i’ quite sure it did previously).

But now, if I :

  1. add a docx. file > version 1

2 .edit (and save) the file with OO > version 1 (no history)

Is that normal ?


Definately, the size of the file is the same. But maybe just pushes are a new file.

I tested it at my server, new file versions appear after closing the onlyoffice window. Have a look here: Onlyoffice doesn’t create new file version seems to be related, although memcached is also enabled at my instance. I’m using NGINX as reverse proxy, seafile server community edition 6.2.5.

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Would You mind posting Your nginx config here? TIA

I posted mine a while ago. Just go through my posts/comments.

Hi, i’m on Apache Proxy

SetEnvIf Authorization "(.*)" HTTP_AUTHORIZATION=$1
ProxyPass / timeout=600
ProxyPassReverse / timeout=600

@daniel.pan, is it related to memcache as supposed here Onlyoffice doesn't create new file version - #2 by Tjelfe ?



We deactivated memcache, with no positive effect.

We had to deactivate OnlyOffice edit feature and will wait until the problem will be solved.

Did anybody succeded to fix this problem apart memcache issue?


Hi, this bug is fixed by 6.2.13 release

Thanks to the devs !

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