File name and directory name linux/mac/windows

Hi all,

I have a problem related about folders names and files on linux/mac os. If you create a file or folder on mac os with space(%20) at the end of the file/folder it will create on linux/mac os but will not syncronize on windows because on windows do not accept filenames or folders name ending with space and is giving an error to sync without any suggestion. After a while i discovered what was the problem and i deleted the space from the name of the directory. I post this here maybe there is someone who face this problem and also if there is a fix to prevent this problem.




Up !
We have encountered the same problem.
Is there something planned to avoid this kind of issue ? Something like create a verification in Seafile client to warn Linux and Mac OS users when they create/sync a library ?

Thank you.

There is not really a solution that could be implemented. When collaborating in mixed environments the administrator needs to inform the user about this.

Yes there is a simple solution for this and after the recent trouble with a customer of mine this should definetely be considered AND implemented as fast as possible:
See here Path and Windows reserved characters