Files edited into OnlyOffice are not versionned correctly into Seafile


I’m on pro 6.3.

Some files directly edited in OnlyOffice are correctly saved (i can see the modifications into OnlyOffice) BUT
they are not versionned correctly (the modifications are not available in the DOC Word after download and the history is blank)

I wonder if it is related to file locking or not :

But it looks like this issue (is it really solved ?)

@daniel.pan, could you check it ? Anyone can reproduce ?

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Hello, please take a look at this document. This document is a good illustration of how OnlyOffice saves files.

Currently, Seafile will save file only when you finish editing a file by closing the OnlyOffice file editing page.

If you want to auto save file when you are editing file, you can enable Force saving, which is detailed descripted here: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Saving File

Seafile only supports the third method now.

The second one will be supported in the next release.

What about the long overdue security token implementation which is way more important?

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We are not able to make the security token to work with OnlyOffice currently.

Someone pushed a pull request with the necessary code a long time ago. That code doesn’t work anymore?

Unfortunately, that code can’t work.

Please have a look here, it works fine with Nextcloud/Owncloud.

Would you please be a little more specific? Ist that matter work in progress or postponed or will it never work?


I took a look at the document and add forcesave=True and delay = 2.

The problem came back, but just when a specfic user opens the file for editing.
This user uses Opera Browser.
Could it be a Client / Browser issue on the CallBackUrl javascript ?

Maybe it’s a browser related problem.

Have you tried the new released 6.3.5 pro version?

In this new version, you can save file by clicking this save button on file editing page.

I tried to install it, but i get a big issue here

I get this error in OO wen clicking on the save button


Is it related to autosave option in OO ?

Sorry, we have not encountered this problem before.

Have you tried to remove autosave option in OO ?


Without autosave option (and niginx restart or machine eboot - as far as OO does not restart alone),

the problem still occurs

The save button causes an error
The document is saved in OO (message at the bottom of the window)
The document is not saved in seafile

This is not related to a browser or co-authoring
I’m the only one editing the file, on Firefox

default.json is now

  "services": {
    "CoAuthoring": {
      "server": {
        "port": 8000,
        "workerpercpu": 1,
        "mode": "development",
        "limits_tempfile_upload": 104857600,
        "limits_image_size": 26214400,
        "limits_image_download_timeout": 120,
        "callbackRequestTimeout": 120,
        "healthcheckfilepath": "../public/healthcheck.docx",
        "savetimeoutdelay": 5000,
        "edit_singleton": false,
        "forgottenfiles": "forgotten",
        "forgottenfilesname": "output",
        "maxRequestChanges": 20000,
        "openProtectedFile": true
      "requestDefaults": {
        "headers": {
          "userAgent": "Node.js/6.13"
        "rejectUnauthorized": true
      "autoAssembly": {
        "enable": true,
        "interval": "2m",
        "step": "1m"

I’s very annoying :thinking:

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It looks related to our OO server config (CE version)
With another Server (Pro version), the problem does not occur anymore.

It is diffficult to investigate on OO issues


Hi @xiez,

We just installed a new OO server with licence and without Docker.
The problem mentionned was back but now i understand limitations between seafile and OO
And other post confirmed that : OnlyOffice document not saved (or did it? Confusing!) - #2 by MrMoronIV

Well, for a document to be saved back to seafile, we neeed all opened windows (from different users too) to be closed.

I don’t figure how autosave option or save button can bypass this rule.

The save button does not save the file back to seafile unless all windows are closed.
I suppose that autosave option will have the same behaviour

You mentionned three ways to force save : ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - Callback handler