Folder renaming problem


It seems Seadrive client sometimes has a problem with renaming a folder. Not always, but we encountered with the problem many times, last time two days ago. We experienced it with multiple machines and libraries so it is not tied to a specific machine / library. We use the latest client on all machines (Windows 10 Pro 21H2, 22H2). Seadrive client 2.0.26, Server: Linux Community Edition 9.0.10.

Here’s the problem:

  1. Client A creates a folder “folder1”, copies some files / subfolders into it. It syncs to the server OK.
  2. Some time passes.
  3. A client (doesn’t matter which) renames “folder1” to “folder2”. (It doesn’t matter if it renames it in the client or on the server’s web interface, the result is the same)
  4. All clients sync the changes OK, except one (let’s say it is Client B, but it can be any client) - so all the clients have “folder2” locally, except Client B, it still has “folder1”
  5. Some time passes
  6. Client B syncs back “folder1” to the server, every other clients get it again, so every client now have “folder1” and “folder2” locally. Except Client B, it still has only “folder1”

So Client B has an incorrect local state from this point on.

The only solution we found is to uninstall seadrive client on Client B (on the machine which still only have “folder1”) with the option ““remove account information” ”, then install it again. Then Client B syncs correctly to the server, so it will have “folder1” and “folder2” as all the other clients. Then we can remove “folder1” and hope that this time it will be gone on all clients, and no client will go to invalid state.

I think same invalid state could happen when you move or delete a directory, not just with renaming.
I would be happy to provide logs or any other information to help eliminate this bug. It really causes a lot of headache for us in an otherwise super product.

A temporary solution could be a “reset local cache” option in the client, as discussed here: Get an option to reset cache on Seadrive - #4 by Onesime


We get some equivalent problems with folders or files (which have been moved or renamed), sometimes.
We are on Mac SeaDrive Client with Server: Linux Community Edition 9.0.10.
It’s happen after few weeks / months of cache accumulation… So each 3-4 months, I have to go in each computer to clean the cache… it is why I think it would be easier for everybody to get a clean cache button…

or better automatic cleanup cache every X days?

Yes, a scheduled automatic cleanup option would be also great, next to a manual cleanup. But only as an option in my opinion. We have users with lot of files in their caches (they mostly just read these) and it would be frustrating for them if the files would be automatically cleanup from their caches.

Yes, the automatic cleanup must of course be optional

Can you send the seadrive.log of client B to

Hi @Jonathan thanks for the quick response! Unfortunately we deleted all the logs with the last uninstall, I’ll collect it next time and sent it to you. Thanks again!