Space characters not forbiden whith mac folders

Hi all,

We saw that for some folders, there is a space character at the end of the folder name. This is not a problem for mac users (all users use Mac Laptops with Mac SeaDrive Client and Server: Linux Community Edition 9.0.10.), but we get one Windows Computer which not sync with these folders.
Also, these folders aren’t sync with our backup system… so it’s a problem.
We saw that some others characters are permitted like : /, :,

Is there a way to forbid these characters, or at least to automatically to replace it?

Maybe it can explain maybe some sync problems like this subject: Folder renaming problem

Unfortunately, it is not so new…: Path and Windows reserved characters - #7 by nickbe

Cheers, Onésime

For now there is a warning when you sync such files/folders. There is notification for that. And you can find it in the sync error list on the client.

Except that SeaDrive didn’t show notifications…
It’s only Seafile client which show notifications.