Forward slash in foldername (and Windows)

We just had a minor issue with SF 4.0.9 and Windows SeaFile Applet.

If you create a folder (using WebUI) and this folder contains a forward slash (e.g. Project A/B) and you try to sync it later locally, the folder structure will look like this:
c:\my_seafile_folder\Project A\B\

I guess the WebUI (or better the software on the server) should make sure, there are no forward- and/or backslash in the folder name, because it will confuse end user who like to sync things.


I think this has been fixed in a recent change and should be part of the next release.

In the last professional server release it is already included as noted in the changelog.

Thanks for the hint! Guess I need to wait then :slight_smile:

I ran into a similar issue today.

If you use the web interface to create a library that ends in a period, seadrive fails with an “Acess denied” error when the user tries to click on the library in Windows.

Periods in the middle are ok, but if the final character is a period, then it fails.

This needs to be fixed urgently. See here: Path and Windows reserved characters