Generate upload AND download link

Hi all,
I love to use Seafile to gather pictures or other documents from/to my family and friends who don’t have an account on my server.
However I need to generate both upload and download links, and people has to use the first one to upload their data, and the second one to download the files.

I think a third kind, upload AND download link, would be useful to give full read/write access to a folder.

Thank you



I’ll bring this up again, as there is also a github issue marked as solved für 8.0 (
We are on 8.0.6 CE and I don’t see a possibility to make a unified download/upload link. I also didn’t find anything on the current server documentation. Is this available with 8.0.x?

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Didn’t see that post earlier:

Once again I’m sad to see that an incomprehensible decision has been made while communicating bad.
Hope this finds its way to CE. Reminds me of the 2FA drama.