Get an option to reset cache on Seadrive

in our organization, we get a fifteen Seadrive users on Mac computers (mostly on Ventura). People manage their folders and files alone, they move folders and after few months, they get some problems like:

  • if the click on a file, nothing happen
  • files appears on web app Seafile but not on seadrive folders
  • problems with versions
    So, what I do, is to remove cache from the .seadrive folder (folders data and logs). After this operation, problem are disappear!

Would it be possible de refresh Seadrive cache to each computer startup (because it is not so long) or at least to get a button or something in the menu to be able for the user to refresh the cache?

Regards, Onésime.

You can logout the account to fix cache problems.

Hi Jonathan,

Sometime we have the same problem, and a simple logout/login doesn’t solve local cache inconsistency problems. We found that uninstalling seadrive client with “Remove seadrive account information: YES” (deleting the local cache) and then reinstalling always solve the problem.

It would be much more convenient for the average use to have a “Reset local cache” option in the gui/commandline just like MS Onedrive client has: How to Clean Up OneDrive Cache and Files? | Sorcim Knowledgebase



I think like Gabormarinov… it has to be very friendly user for Seadrive users.

To log out then log in is not so easy because user have to know each parameter (exact server address: for example, it doesn’t add by default https:// ), sometimes they forget their password… So most time I need to clean the cache on each computer… it is quite heavy.

The better would be to clean the cache after each computer restart.
But if a simple button easily accessible for user when they get strange behavior would be very useful.

Regards, Onésime

Hi all,
I agree too. A “simple” menu item “Clear the cache” will be appreciate nearby “Parameters”. Remember, users are just … users. :wink: KISS

More else, when I right-clic on a file download by the cache (with the green picto), I can’t find uncache the file option … tested with 2.0.xx and 3.0.2 seadrive


In 3.0.3 version for Windows, we’ll add a feature to resync an account to a new sync_root folder.


Sounds great, thanks a lot Jonathan!

Yeah ! thanks @Jonathan , it works great. :slight_smile:
it will be usefull to have it on Mac version too.

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Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll add it to macOS too.

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Where is the cache located, with Seadrive 3.0.6 on Mac?

The cache location is ~/Library/CloudStorage/{Your Account}. It’s usually not accessed directly by the users. Unlike on Windows, resyncing an account will remove existing cache but not sync to a new folder. The special behavior on Windows is due to unreliability of Windows API.

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