Ho to get a permanent public link directly to a file?

I would like to upload an mp4 video file to embed it on my website. By sharing the video publicly, then visiting the video page in my browser and doing a right click on the video (and go to “show video”) I actually get a link to the mp4 file as I need it (so basicaly url.com/..../file.mp4). Unfortunately when I use the same link on the next day I get an error “Bad access token”. Is it possible to implement the behaviour I need?

Append ?raw=1 to the share link you get in the ui.

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This works at first, but seafile generates temporary URLs. The video tag on a website caches these temporary URLs and therefore stops working after a few hours. Also a reload of the page does not empty that cache, s.t. after a few hours the video is replaced by “Video not found”. Is there any way to configure the seafile server to make this possible?

How do you share it? By clicking the Share button directly on the file I get two links, including a direct one (server v8.0.4):

That link is not the video file. It redirects to an mp4 file and the redirect expires every few hours. Therefore you cannot use it in a html video tag as I described above.

For me the video tag does not cache anything. Each time reloading a new redirect is being followed leading to the video and working totally fine.

Thanks for trying out. Which browser do you use? I only tried it in Firefox up to now where the temporary URL is cached, but it seems to work in chromium.