How to run SEADRIVE at startup without login (Windows)


can anyone tell me how to run Seadrive at startup without login on Windows? I found tutorials about Seafile but not about Seadrive. I seem to not find seafile.ini anywhere on my system, just some binary files on administrator accounts, when I run the command manually specifying Seadrive dir it never exits. I have no local access to this machine and I would really love to leave it in a bootable state. Thank you for your time.

You want to run SeaDrive as a service? That does not make sense. If you want to sync data from the Seafile server to your machine without Windows login, then the Seafile client is the go-to client. The Drive Client requires user interaction and user interaction requires a login.

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Yes, I would like to run SeaDrive as service. Thank you for your opinion but this is not what I asked for.

SeaDrive 2.0 is designed to interact with the cloud files windows API, afaik this API fetches files based on the user’s interaction with the file explorer. If no user is present and therefore nothing is interacting with the file explorer then there’s no point on having it running (except for when the files are requested to always be in sync, although at that point you might as well use the sf sync client). This is I think what @rdb was trying to say.

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That are sad news, as we use Seafile a lot and now have a single Seadrive mounted on Windows terminal server and it is being used by several users, now we will have to find something else just to have a shared Seadrive or have the administrator to login in on their account every restart? That’s deeply dissapointing.

Please re-read fakuvian’s and my response again - with an open mind. You will then realize that what you want to do can be done with the Sync Client. And should be done with the sync client for that matter.

I don’t understand. I don’t want to sync a whole library content to the local hard driver, this is why I use Seadrive.

with the seafile client, you can sync only the files or libraries you need, and the client can be run as a service without any problem …

We don’t want to sync anything to local disk, this is why we used Seadrive not Seafile client. I just would like to get some hints how to configure Seadrive to start with the system without the need of login in after every server restart.

How does that not make sense? Why did you say seadrive needs user interactions therefore cannot be run as a daemon? I have run it simply on command line without any user interaction, but the only thing is that the program itself is designed not to be run as a daemon. Do you fully understand our issue?

@platyna You can use the preconfigure options to avoid manual login to Seafile accounts. Please see FAQ - Seafile User Manual . But you have to figure out to how run SeaDrive as a Windows service. We don’t have experience with that. I believe there are many options out there.