How to use Seafile client on Windows server 2016 Terminal server

I would like to have Seafile on a Windows Server 2016 terminal server, of course having many users concurrently logged in, each with their own Seafile account and own.

What is the current best practice to achieve this ?
Currently it looks like neither Seafile client, not SeaDrice 1.0 or SeaDrive 2.0 can handle this out of the box.

Thanks in advance for your help.

SeaDrive 2.0 and Windows Server 2016 won’t work together as stated here. But what’s the problem with SeaDrive 1.0? I know of users that use(d) SeaDrive 1.0 on TS.

But even if technically feasible, SeaDrive 1.0 on a terminal server is not good. This makes it a non-starter from my point of view: Every user can see the contents of the other users and can access them - without limitation.

Bottom line: If you want to use SeaDrive with TS, I warmly recommend an update to Window Server 1709 or, better, Windows Server 2019.

Hello Ralf,

Thanks for your prompt answers. Unfortunately upgrading to Windows Server 2019 is not as easy as it sounds are there are other applications on this server not yet supporting this OS version.

Is there any feasible solution with the older Seafile client ?

If said shortcomings of SeaDrive 1.0 on a terminal server are no showstopper, then go ahead.

Having all content visible by all users is not ok.
Any hope that the trick mentionned here :Seafile Client for Windows v6.0.0 on MS Terminal Server not working?
Would be integrated as a standard, or at least get documentation on how to script it ?

In your first post, you explicitly mentioned the Seafile Drive Client. Now you talk Seafile Sync Client.

The Seafile Drive and Sync Client are not identical. Actually they are pretty different. And they are not subject to the same restrictions. I am not familiar with this “trick” and cannot comment.