Introducing Seamate, an easy-to-use Seahub customizer

Customizing Seahub to your liking is a little cumbersome. Manipulating the Seahub CSS in a text editor is not everyone‘s „thing“. Isn‘t there an easier way?

Yes, there is! Seamate is a Seahub customizing add-on that allows the easy modification of Seahub‘s look. It integrates in the global settings of Seahub and requires no coding knowledge whatsoever. Modifying Seahub to meet your personal / corporate standards is no more than changing a few field values in the familiar Seahub settings. Seamate 1.0 is available now on Github

With Seamate, you can modify:

  • 4 CSS classes with Seahub-wide effect (i.e., font, border color)
  • 6 CSS classes each for the login page, the navigation bar, the top bar as well as the popups and
  • 8 CSS classes for the main window.

Additionally, Seamate provides an alternative login to allow for larger logos and pictures. We have also streamlined the menu structure in the navigation bar by removing / rearranging items.

We have tested Seamate 1.0 with Seafile 6.3.x Community and Enterprise Edition.

Going forward, the datamate team ( plans to add presets (i.e., dark, candy, psychedelic, …), multiple login designs and templates for registration/password reset/…. Contributions are welcome! Send us your favorite skin and we add it as a preset. If you have other ideas, let us know!


Geil :open_mouth:

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Very interesting, try to set up tomorrow.

Great - thanks for sharing! :grinning:
Werde ich mal testen…


Ihr solltet dafür von Seafile bezahlt werden! Ihr macht quasi deren Arbeit.
Eure Arbeit kann wunderbar ins Backend integriert werden.

Schicke euch mein grünes Design nächste Woche.


Ist es nicht gerade der Sinn von freier/Open Source Software, dass jeder gerne etwas ohne zwangsläufige Gegenleistung beitragen kann? Ohne die Arbeit der Seafile Ltd wäre dieses Addon auch nicht entstanden. Und zumindest ich bezahle auch nicht für Seafile. :wink:

Edit: Abgesehen davon, verdient datamate doch bereits durch die Verwendung von Seafile.

Nichtsdestotrotz natürlich vielen Dank für das Addon!


Seamate is a our little contribution to making Seafile better little by little. Fine tuning the sync algorithm … is beyond our scope, but we think we can add quite some value by making neat little feats here and there. We are having interesting ideas for other addons.

Merging Seamate into the backend would indeed make a lot of sense. Will it happen? Fingers crossed! :wink:



I’m running seafile 6.3.2 CE on Ubuntu 16.04 and did the ssh/bash install with seamates 1.0_6.3.2_x86-64 branch.

I can’t reload seahub, it fails with this log entry :

ImportError: cannot import name ENABLE_RESET_ENCRYPTED_REPO_PASSWORD

Hi TI-Admin,

ImportError: cannot import name ENABLE_RESET_ENCRYPTED_REPO_PASSWORD

indicates that you probably installed the wrong version. Did you used this command:
git clone --single-branch -b 1.0_6.3.2_x86-64

If this doesnt work try to copy the content of the file from github and replace the existing file under ~/seafile-server-latest/seahub/seahub/

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I thought I did but obviously not. Now it is working, thanks.


The feature looks great.

I have a question about the implementation. From my understanding, the plugin modifies the source code directly (by copying and overwriting the existing code). Users have to install the plugin again when they update the Seafile version. Is it right?

Hi Daniel,

the plugin does not overwrite code in “original” files but it replaces some files (in the seahub folder in the current Seafile server folder) altogether.

Seamate does not survive a Seafile update. That is correct. But the database records that the plugin creates do. After a Seafile upgrade, reinstalling the plugin is all you have to do to bring your custom settings back.

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Hi @rdb how can I implement this with the docker pro version of seafile, any help will be appreciated.

Hi Johan,
we haven’t tested Seamate for Docker. Sorry!
If get to it, I’ll get back to you. But no promises for a quick turn around.

If there is such an uncomfortable dependency when updating, then maybe just make a graphics editor to create a custom ready. css. Which after insert into the settings of the seafile server?

P.S. Sorry for my english

Good morning,
I’d like to know if is it possible to use seamate on seafile server for windows (6.0.7).
Thank you very much.

The File structure in seahub folder looks like the same as for the linux version.

We have not testet seamate for seafile 6.0.7. You can try it but backup the “seahub” folder if seamate doesnt work you can switch back.

Good morning,
Thank you very much for your reply.
Which version should i use for server 6.0.7?
Kind regards

Try seamate 1.0_6.3.0_x86-64

Good morning
No success… 504 gateway timeout.
Restoring old folder, all is okay.