Introducing Seamate, an easy-to-use Seahub customizer

If there is such an uncomfortable dependency when updating, then maybe just make a graphics editor to create a custom ready. css. Which after insert into the settings of the seafile server?

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I’d like to know if is it possible to use seamate on seafile server for windows (6.0.7).
Thank you very much.

The File structure in seahub folder looks like the same as for the linux version.

We have not testet seamate for seafile 6.0.7. You can try it but backup the “seahub” folder if seamate doesnt work you can switch back.

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Thank you very much for your reply.
Which version should i use for server 6.0.7?
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Try seamate 1.0_6.3.0_x86-64

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No success… 504 gateway timeout.
Restoring old folder, all is okay.

Wonderful work !!!

I had modified my CSS files by adding

:root {
–darkMain: #D63237; /* Dark Red used at login, Active menu bar, Icon colors /
–lightMain: #e26a6e; /
Light Red used in mouse hover bars /
–lightNote: #f3bebe; /
Pale Red used in Notification bar /
–OP-Icon: #000 /
OP-Icon set color to black for better visibility */

and using that with in the CSS files

This install removes that - Is it possible to preserve/extract the default CSS settings so they are not lost ?

How does one revert back? I made a backup of the seahub dir

so do I

remove ~/seafile-server-latest/seahub and then copy my backup that I made back to ~/seafile-server-latest/seahub


just copy my backup back to ~/seafile-server-latest/seahub

Yup just copy the whole dir back

cp -vr /home/cloud/BK_seahub_DIR-B4-Seamate/seahub /home/cloud/Seafile/seafile-server-latest/

Do I need to undo the “ENABLE_SETTINGS_VIA_WEB = True” in

Thank very much

Seamate 1.1 is almost ready to be released.
Color presets are the new thing in version 1.1 .

What’s keeping us from releasing 1.1? Here’s the thing: We see our strenghts in coding, design is not necessarily our strong suit.

So: You have a cool skin for Seahub? Contribute to the community! Upload your Seahub color settings as screenshots or a txt file with the values to
(You can easily right click in your browser and select “Show sourcecode” in the head of your page you can copy all values)

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You dont need to undo the settings via web. By default this setting is true and you’ll see the settings. If this value is set to false you’ll not see the hole settings in seahub.

Seamate 1.1 is ready!

In addition to a few minor changes, Seamate 1.1 offers the possibility to select a preset (from 5 presets) - a basic design template where all values can be tweaked. Note: As the Wiki function is still under development, Seamate is not making any changes to the wiki area yet. Seamate 1.1 is available for Seafile CE 6.3.2 and Pro 6.3.2-6.3.4
Thanks to @DerDanilo for the green colors and @xface for your dark template.


  • Added 5 Presets (3 dark styles, 2 light styles)
  • Separated top bar variable ICBU into TOP_ICON and TOP_BUTTON
  • Color values are saved automatically after change
  • Added a github wiki for Seamate

Seamate Color Settings


Seamate Presets


I am using seafile 6.3.4 and installed seamate 1.0_6.3.2_x86-64 but now I am unable to start seahub. :frowning: Pls help me to fix out this issue. @D_FR

./ start

LC_ALL is not set in ENV, set to en_US.UTF-8
Starting seahub at port 8000 …
Error:Seahub failed to start.
Please try to run “./ start” again

Use the Version 1.1 for 6.3.4 this should work fine.
git clone --single-branch -b 1.1_6.3.4_x86-64


is there version for 6.3.6 pro available?

Can’t find one on github, only for 6.3.4.

We are still working on version 6.3.6, completion is planned towards the end of the month.

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Unfortunately, I have same problem with Seamate 1.1 and Seafile 6.3.4 CE. Seahub is not starting.

Hey, did you used this command ?
git clone --single-branch -b 1.1_6.3.4_x86-64

Yes, not working :disappointed_relieved: I cannot start


there is a new version of seamate supporting version 6.3 and 7.x.
Please have a look at Change the color of seafile - with seamate

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