iOS 11.2 & latest iOS-Seafile Client

Hi everybody,

maybe all points are discussed somewhere, but here is my experience:

In my Library “Pictures” I created a new Folder with iOS Client App. To that folder I’ve uploaded 7 Videos/3 Pictures with some problems.
The small Pictures (94kb-1,6MB) are uploaded without problems.The smaller vidoes (up to 184MB) are uploaded also without trouble.

But three Videos I try to upload more than 10 times. (391MB, 583MB, 844MB)
Now the upload is done and I’ve used more than 5GB of my LTE-Data, because everytime the Display switched off, the upload interrupts.
After I activate my iPhone again (just a second after standby), the seafile app is still open in front, but the process bar is not longer available under the filename. Waiting a long time and actualize the screen by gesture show me that the file must be uploaded.

Finally I switch off iOS “Auto Lock” function. I set to never instead any time.
Only that way I was able to upload the big data.

Seafile function “upload in background” switches off automatically after I try to set to on.


Got the same issue with autoupload.

Same issue here on iOS 11.2 on iPhone X

Auto upload switches off automatically after enabling

Seems to be an issue with the GPS hook because it’s needed for enabling automatic uploads.
Rel: [Bug][iOS] Autoupload don't work with iOS 11.2 - #2 by Calby

There are already some bugreports:

If there is something new I will post it here.

Issue will be fixed in next release as a developer said here:

Well just wondering when that’s going to be?