Linux client packages updated

Hi all,

The seafile and seadrive clients for Linux are updated. We also updated our package repositories to a new structure, to make updating packages for all supported distros easier.

Documentation for Seafile client:

Documentation for SeaDrive client:


Great! Thanks so much for your work!

Is the RHEL/CentOS version of SeaDrive safe for Fedora? If not, will there be a Fedora version anytime soon?


It’s not. Actually we didn’t test it on Fedora. For SeaDrive, we don’t have plan to support Fedora any more.

Thank you for updating the repository!

It works but I always get this warning every time I do an apt update now:

N: Skipping acquire of configured file ‘main/binary-i386/Packages’ as repository ‘http :// stable InRelease’ doesn’t support architecture ‘i386’

As SeaDrive is not open-source it would be great if this could be reconsidered. Fedora is working really well and for Desktops usually better suited than CentOS (because everything is up to date).


I agree with @shoeper.
Fedora is popular in Germany/Europe for Linux Desktops.

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Yes, this is a really good idea in my opinion if you don’t have the time to maintain it.

Just to make sure that I am not misunderstood: I am not advocating open-sourcing SeaDrive. I fully understand behing keeping it closed source. But I am +1 for supporting a Fedora SeaDrive client because of Fedora’s popularity in Germany.

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OK. We’ll provide a Fedora repository later.


:smiley: Thank you!

It is not so good that one is supposed to download a gpg key without TLS and without controlling the fingerprint.

Apart from that thank you for the efforts on improving linux releases.

Please update the installation instructions with the PGP fingerprint used for package signing (for verifying the key before using it).


This is very worrying. Even if you decided to provide a Fedora repo later, it’s a sign that the drive client has an uncertain future on Linux. Please, reconsider opening the sources, so that the community can maintain the packages. Not only for Fedora, but for any other Linux distro. Or at least provide it in a distro agnostic way for those Linux flavor you do not support directly (docker for headless, flatpack for desktop).

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Why is this a sign that the drive client’s days on Linux are numbered? Even without Fedora, Seafile said it would provide packages for Ubuntu/Debian and CentOS/RHES.

Because, as a closed source software, Seafile Ltd can decide unilateraly that a (major) Linux distro would not be supported anymore. It was Fedora (even if retracted later), but it could be any other Linux distro.

In essence, you point out a generic disadvantage of closed source software. Fair enough.

But again, why would Seafile Ltd. do that? Discontinuing support for one Linux distro is not equivalent to a “Bye,bye, Tux!”

I welcome that
a.) Seafile Ltd. evalutes continuously where its limited resouces are invested best
b.) Seafile Ltd. is open to feedback from the Community (which led to a commitment to provide Fedora packages)

To end this discussion, this piece of news probably makes you happy: @Jonathan has posted publicly just two days ago that there are plans to make SeaDrive for Linux open source.


Has anyone just tried using the CentOS RPMs on Fedora and see if they just work?

Yes, I tried on Fedora 32, and so far it’s working as expected

We’ll move to https.