I would like to see being available again. It was very useful and unfortunately the new Seafile Wiki cannot keep up with the old solution. Some of the issues I have are

  • all links are broken, forcing one to search everything again
  • the search does not work well, when clicking show more one has to login
  • the page loads (much) slower than the old one (some pages need more than 5 seconds)
  • one cannot submit documentation fixes and there is no versioning (at least no public versioning)

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Big upvote!

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+1 (Yes, please!)

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It looks like that I was not the only one who was missing the

@shoeper thanks for start the thread.


I agree, the new Seafile manual does not provide the same UX as the old one.

But: I suppose this will change quite a bit soon. The 2nd bullet in the list above will be fixed in the next release. As the wiki function progresses - and it will using the seafile roadmap as a guide - , the technical deficiencies vis-a-vis the old solution will also gradually disappear. So in terms of platform, I am against any change and I advocate patience.

More important to me than page speed and the availability of public versioning is content quality and consistency. There is lots of room for improvement there! Hence, my vote goes to improving structure and content of the manual.


I think this can also get better when it is possible to contribute. Be it just a corrected typo letting the manual look more professional or some additional technical information someone did research on.

It also is not possible to use anchors on “”.