Many problems with Seadrive 3.0.8 on mac?


I have a team of around fifty users, all under MacbookPro (most of them on Sonoma 14.X.X), only one computer under Windows 11 which uses Seadrive 3.0.8 for mainly. Our seafile server is on v11.0.5.

Since few weeks, I get many users who get troubles. For some of them, it is recurrent, for others, it happens sometime.
Problems are:

  • folders or files duplication with one of both get a number at the end
  • folders empty (but no problem on the server side)
  • no synch between seafile server and seadrive

I made an internal notice with 5 steps:

  1. Close all opened files
  2. Verify that Seadrive is well started
  3. Close then relaunch Seadrive
  4. Resync the account
  5. Relaunch the computer

I ask all to get at least these configurations:

Even through these consign, user still gets problems…

I don’t know from where it comes from.
I become to make me crazy because users when they get these problems start to touch to everything: restore historic, etc. whereas the matter seems to be only on the user computer… and not on the Seafile server.
Sometimes, it’s just one or 2 cases, but currently, it is many users.

I tried to understand from where it comes from and what I remark, is that for some users, they made shortcuts on finder for some folder… but it seems that it is not the case for all… Is there a recommendation about it?
There is so much case that I didn’t find time to spend time to explore the problem…

Is there a corrective version planned?
Is there a way to come back to a stable version (it is not possible to come back to 2.X.X with Sonoma…)?

Can you check seadrive.log on one of the problematic client? Just open the log folder from the right click menu of SeaDrive icon in the notification area. For simply support, please send the log files to support at

Hi. I have many of this issues with this release 3.0.7 and 3.0.8
I send you the crash report …
Thanks to quickly watch this, it’s really problematic …
thanks !


This issue is unrelated to the topic. This is a known bug when running the SeaDrive client for the first time. When you run it again, it should work. It’ll be fixed in 3.0.9.

I have one user on MacOS, where the problem is like this: Some files in a specific folder are not visible in Finder (but visible in web interface). New files created either on server or in Finder sync correctly both ways. Nothing in the Sync errors dialog.

I’ll get the logs from him and pass them over.

The cause should be that there are two seadrive extension process running in the background. We’ll improve the mechanism to prevent it from being running twice in 3.0.9 version.