Metadata "disappear" when uploading images via Seafile Pro app from iPhone 7 Plus

Hi everyone,

I’ve been encountering this problem for quite some time now and couldn’t find a solution yet.
Whenever I upload an image via the Seafile Pro app (from my iPhone 7 Plus using the default camera app) to my Cloud (which is YourSecureCloud), I unfortunately “lose” most of the metadata of the image, i.a., and this is most frustrating, the date on which the picture was originally taken.
Moreover, the image name always changes from e.g. IMG_123.JPG to a IMG_2017-04-05T09-24-36.JPG combination (obviously the date).

The YSC support team asked me to try the upload from my phone via their web interface which I tried. Result: It worked out just fine - all metadata is presevered and the file name doesn’t change.

What can I do the keep the metadata of my images when uploading via app? And is there any way to keep the original file name after the upoad?

Best wishes and have a great week

Seems like we got the same issue…

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