Missing green Sync Hooks in Library

Since new, I noticed that to the one of the Seafile Client does not look for updates.
I have a new version. It has worked, but now the green hooks are missing from the Library. Even after a complete deletion and re-installation the hooks are missing. Is that normal? And why you can not update directly from the client.

What green sync hooks do you mean? If you mean the green icon in explorer, it is most likely caused by conflict with other file syncing software that using small status icons in explorer too.

Yes i mean the Explorer Green Hocks.

Thats because of the dropbox icons, windows only uses the first 15 Icons in in the registry:

If you add some spaces in the front of the seafile entries, then they will be used before the dropbox icons.
For example
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers\ ".SeafileIconError"]

I think the forum does not show the multiple spaces (i made 4) before the entry “.SeafileIconError”

I have created a topic regarding this order in the registry some weeks ago:


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Thank you very mutch. Its working now. Thx.

I still have the problem with displaying the green/orange icons in explorer. From time to time they are displayed or not. I’m using the latest version 6.1.3 of the client under Windows 10 LTSB and I have already checked the registration.