Move "Change Password" to user dropdown menu


Please move the “Change password” part to the user dropdown menu. This is the default position in many other applications. Many users have a very hard time to find the “change password” field. It should also be renamed into something like “Change password” for the menu.

As well it should not be called “Aktualisieren” in German, it should be “Ändern” or in the menu then “Passwort ändern”.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I see a few applications that place the “Change Password” in profile or settings page. Like Trello, Github. While Github is for tech users, Trello is a non-tech user oriented task management application.

So l’d like to the discussion open instead of making a change.

Those are a valid reasons, but doesn’t mean that they do it right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would it be possible to add an admin setting option that allows the admin to choose where to place the change password field? This should only be a cosmetic change, right? So a simple option could manage this basically.

The translation mistakes are another story I think. :slight_smile:

I don’t think that it’s lots of work to just “copy” the link from the profiles page into the menu, so it’s at both places.

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I don’t think this is about work.

Password change is just one small link not being used often. In my opinion it’s good to have it in the settings and just link to the settings. To what I observe this is also what other sites do (didn’t find a single one directly linking to change password).

why do users not find it then?

Maybe the change password should be a button on the settings page right below the picture instead of the password text and link afterwards.

I still would like to have the change password field in the menu as option, have the admin decide for each usecase.

In my opinion, it is not a good idea to place the link to change the password directly in the user drop down menu, for mostly two reasons:

  • I second @shoeper, when he says, this feature is not used very often, so it is not necessary to be as present as e.g. your quota, which is in the main menu with justice or the link to the settings, where you logically will find “change the password”.
  • To change the password is a sensitive task. No matter if it is safeguarded with the old password or things like that, it should never be directly linked/accessible in the top level of the user menu, but always somewhere in the settings.

One thing I would suggest is to better categorize the settings. For example, for me “change the password” should not be under “profile”, but under “account”.


Using Windows, you can just press Ctrl+Alt+Del and you are able to change your password. This is working despite any Software you are using at the moment - for me it looks like a “master menu”

I think it’s a good idea to place a link to “change password” in the user dropdown menu.

Users who don’t bother with the profile page and don’t want to search can change their password easily if this is going to be implemented.


Please provide both options and admin can decide. Both usecases are required and apply.

Most of our users often change their passwords, so that it not a valid reason for everybody.

i think a inputfield (type password or with some code to not show it as clear text) in profile settings will help in most of all times.

the situation now, text with link “aktualisieren” is the problem. why? cause it is a link - and in most of all cases user expects a password field or button. and secondly the translation is a bit unfavorable. in combination this made it hard to see where to change password.

for example - if you look at the forum here. the password change is possible at profile page.
but here it is a "big " button with icon, with darker background and with clear text. result: users will find it.


I don’t like the idea of having the password change link in the top menu. It would confuse all of my users because they can not change their password from inside seafile. I’m using my active directory via ldap for single sign on :sunglasses:
If you add this link, then please hide it for ldap users and only show it to database users :wink:
I also think it is a rare fast and should stay in the profile page. But make it changeable direct on the page instead of the link would be nice.

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@daniel.pan Admins can remove the change password part for LDAP users anyways or not? If not it should be removed automatically if the user is LDAP based.

@DerDanilo I do not know any setting to hide the change password field and in version 6.0.x it is not removed automatically for LDAP users.

Then this should be build in. The system knows when a user is LDAP and should therefore remove or grey the change option out with a comment.



a LDAP user should not see the password change option. (see GitHub).
Unfortunately I don’t have a LDAP environment for testing. Can anyone with LDAP user check this in his environment. Please.

please check this PR and give me a short feedback.

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I don’t have a working LDAP + Seafile setup at hand right now. You can easily setup LDAP with (free)

As far as I understand the code this gives us the option to enable or disable to show the password change link in the dropdown menu, right?

Would it also be possible to change the password “change” link to a button or a field where the user can enter a new password directly?

A button should be easier to implement and replace the whole “Password: Change” test and link with a “Change password” button.

Yes right

Can you please describe it in more detail.

Maybe the profile part should redesigned completely.

  • I would not put the description on the left site next to it, this makes the site wider and not good for small displays.
  • Description above fields, even if the page part consumes more space down this way.
  • Put two buttons next to the avatar picture:
    — Change Avatar
    — Change Password

I put two possible locations for the change password location, I like the one better that is right below the “change avatar” button.

What do the others think?

It could look like this in the end, of course the description for the field will be above the fields.

@TMHBOFH You are right! LDAP-users do not see the password change option. Just logged in with a test user and the link is not there.

The strange thing is, that my user account (which I used to test it in the first place) is not only a LDAP user, but also a DB user inside seafile. Maybe this has something to do with my Admin Priviliges and the upgrade from an old version. I think I will start a new discussion about this problem.

Will not hijack this thread :wink: