New to Seafile (and networking in general)

I’ll be honest, I’m a complete noob.
I did manage to get Seafile installed i.e. the icon with the checkmark on the taskbar.

Right now, I’m trying to load the web UI per the setup instructions, and I’m getting no joy. I completely disabled Avast and Windows Firewall and still cannot seem to get through. Any help or a troubleshooting guide would be greatly appreciated.

Spent several hours trying to sort this out. I can’t figure out what is blocking Seafile’s web UI on port 8000. As far as I can tell the service is running fine.

I wanted to test a theory and installed XAMPP and learned that Apache is also being blocked by “PID-4” which is “System”. So, for now, I’m completely stumped.

Community Manuel , that’s why we created it.

Feeling somewhat cognitively insufficient to run your software, considering I see no mention of windows at all, considering a windows version of this software exists, which is what I am attempting to use.

Windows is not supported, if you decide to use it, you’re not going to get help. This is literally in the first page of the installation manual.

You are referring to an unofficial guide.

check if seahub works at http://localhost:8000

xampp is more than Seafile needs. Ngnix is easier in general.

Did you try to just follow the community manual? It’s a proven concept that others could follow and bring up Seafile in a few hours (from zero knowledge).

This is litterally the community manual. Hence it’s not our software, we are just happy users. :slight_smile:

It’s a community manual, not necessarily unofficial. it’s been pinned on the forums for a while now.

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Based on this guide, you claim that windows is not supported, but this is not true. I have a seafile for windows installed and everything works fine. The only disadvantage is that the further development of seafile for windows has been discontinued, which does not prevent the latest version from working. If there is enough functionality, it makes no sense to install a version for linux.

The guides aim is to follow best practices. Hence we cannot recommend to use Windows since it will not receive updates anymore. Maybe we can add this information to the manual, to avoid further confusion.

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That’s the very definition of “Not supported”. Yes you can install Windows 95 and it will run, but that doesn’t mean it’s supported


tbh it’s pretty painless to install seafile using docker on windows, you don’t even need to know hyper-v. Besides that if you really don’t want to use any virtualization you could use WSL as I demonstrated on this post.

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By definition “supported” does not mean, if something is working or not! (If something is “supported”, of course it should work!)
Example: With a little work you can run MS-DOS games on Windows 10! Try to ask Microsoft for help, if an issue occurs! They will tell you it is not “supported”!!!

Keep in mind, that a company or community, can provide new builds for a platform, although they do not support it. This had already been quite the case for the Windows server builds before development/providing builds stopped for it.
The situation now is, that the development has completely stopped!!! If something does not get any updates and official support any more (stuck in version 6.0.7(!!!)), it is “unsupported”. No matter if it would work under certain circumstances. Deal with it! “Unsupported” means for you: It won’t get any security updates, it won’t get any feature updates, it won’t get any support, it won’t get any attention, …!
(By the way, here Seafile LTD is in the duty to remove the Windows version from the website or at least mark it accordingly. This would prevent exactly these sitiations.)

Wrong! Mostly! Functionality is not everything. The thing is, if you run it in a safe local encapsulated environment and you are not affected by bugs or incompatibilities, you’re statement can partially be true. But otherwise, running an outdated, not security updated software on “the internet” is grossly negligent. In this case, I hope you do not have any further users!!!

And, it is not about Linux, it is about running a supported/newest/secure web service!!! In this case, here for the software Seafile, it only can be fulfilled by using the supported/latest Seafile version which now natively only runs on a Linux host. And you ma friend, have to live with this fact. And the fact that you persuade yourself, that Seafile on Windows Server is still supported, makes using your service dangerous and yourself a lazy admin.

And there are even solutions for you to be able to stay on Windows Server:

So get your ass up!

For me, the main function is to synchronize files between approximately 5-10 computers, the rest of the functionality is not significant. In addition, we have a rather old server with installed windows server 2008.

if it is only to synchronize files between computers, there is other software more simple and which is installed in one click on windows, I can give you the name of the software in private message to not do wrong to seafile …

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