Onlyoffice corrupts .odt

I really like the OnlyOffice-Integration thanks very much for that!
But I noticed after editing .odt-files it’s not possible to open them again with LibreOffice. Trying to open shows

.docx-files are working without problems.

Not sure if this is a OnlyOffice bug or a Seafile one or a misconfiguration.
Can someone please test this behavior and confirm or disprove?

Only office does not support ODF file formats. They only recently open sourced their software and were primarily competing against Google Docs/365. Might be worth sending them an email to request support. But ODT etc won’t work with OO.

Hi Clouds,
sorry but to me it seems as if that OnlyOffice support odt file files.
Please see GitHub
Where did you get an information?

@Simsala i can confirm the problem.
If i choose no at repair question and confirm the next error message, the document will open with all change i made over web.

Thanks for confirming!
I also posted the question at the OnlyOffice Forum:
Let’s see what they will find out.

I can confirm this as well!

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The problem unfortunately seems to have to do with seafile. That’s what I got from the OnlyOffice-Forum:

We tried to reproduce the issue but have no luck.
We suppose that file corrupting has occurred not on our side.
Unfortunately we cannot say what is the reason of that behavior

Hello everybody!
I have found this instruction how to connect the ONLYOFFICE Document Server to Seafile, but i see there is a mistake in URL which leads to ONLYOFFICE Community Server but not to ONLYOFFICE Document Server - PLEASE make it correct Admins! Anyway please tell me Does this istruction work?

HI @Machetee,
please tell me in which manual i can find the right? Thanks

@simsala Apologies for the Fake News! I’m pleasantly surprised. I had read on a forum, I think ycombinator, that it didn’t support odt. Looks like I misplaced my trust and almost spread a lie. Thanks for correcting.

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please check the OnlyOffice api menual
The key parameter is limit to 20 chars. In my test environment Seafile used a key with 40 chars.
Maybe this can cause the issue?

Okay. We will try reproduce this problem.

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There is a fix for the key parameter issue already in github -

it is a one line fix, so you could try editing seahub/views/ in your installation and changing the offending line to see if that helps.

Thanks for the information @mdovey. But this is already included in 6.1.0 beta. So unfortunately nothing to test :slight_smile:

I’ve just double checked - the download archives of 6.1.0 beta available at currently don’t have this fix.

sorry @mdovey but that’s wrong. The fix is included in the current beta download files. I have checked this now.
I also tested with a key length of 20 chars(key = obj_id[20:]), unfortunately with the same result.

Ah, my bad, I misread the update diff, and thought

doc_key = gen_token(10)

was the new code not the old one!

The new code (key = obj_id) causes an additional problem in that it generate keys of all 0s for empty\zero length files (such as those created by selecting New Document). This causes problems (due to a key clash) if you open two different empty files at the same time or in quick succession.

Try reverting to the older gen_token(10) code (or even gen_token(20) )

Here is the fix for key issue,

You guys please take a look. Thanks!

We need to get this solved, otherwise we cannot activate this feature as it will corrupt many .odt files from our users.

@xiez the problem with new document is fixed for me
Unfortunately the corrupts from odt its still existing.

I think the problem is on DocumentServer side. (pls see link)

Yes, the .odt issue still existing. We will keep working on it.