ONLYOFFICE Docs 7.1 released

ONLYOFFICE Docs 7.1 is here with numerous useful features. Here are the most important ones.

In each editor

  • ARM support (for some systems)
  • New menu for inserting shapes
  • Editing points of selected shapes
  • Displaying new diagram types: Pyramid, Bar (Pyramid), vertical and horizontal cylinders, vertical and horizontal cones
  • Sorting comments by group
  • Visible chars when entering a password
  • Support for SmartArt objects
  • Gradient fill icon shows the chosen colors

In text documents

  • New viewer for PDF, XPS, DJVU files
  • Converting PDF/XPS files into editable documents (e.g. DOCX)
  • New tab: View
  • Search by special symbols in documents
  • Adding Chinese/Japanese/Italian languages to watermark settings

In spreadsheets

  • Print preview
  • New settings in the View tab: Combine sheet and status bars, Always show toolbar, Interface theme, Show frozen panes shadow
  • New currencies as per ISO 4217
  • Formula tips
  • Text qualifier for importing text from TXT/CSV
  • Opening XLSB files

In presentations

  • New tabs: Animation, View
  • Animations
  • New ways to move and duplicate slides
  • Inserting recently used shapes

Get updated today to unlock all these features! Follow onlyoffice[dot]com/download-docs[dot]aspx

The new versions of desktop and mobile editors will be available soon.


I’m wondering why this is not added to docker-compose.yml yet.
download seafile com/d/320e8adf90fa43ad8fee/files/?p=/docker/docker-compose.yml

In the configuration I can see that there is a office server specified but there is no server for this yet.
And the docker-compose.yml was not updated since 2 years.

Do you know why?

I have a problem with OnlyOffice 7.1 + Seafile 9.0.5: Publicly shared documents (“Share Link”) can not be opened. I started a separate topic for this problem: Seafile 9 + OnlyOffice 7.1 can't open publicly shared docs

Downgrading OnlyOffice to 7.0 resolves the problem.