OnlyOffice integration question

Hello there.
I installed OnlyOffice and Seafile CE 6.1.2 and have one question.
Can i edit files(doc,xls,etc) with it or i can only watch preview?If i can, what i make wrong,because now, when i choose file, it opens with viewer, and doesnt let me edit it.

Have a look here: HOW TO: Deploy OnlyOffice in Seafile servers subdomain subfolder - CE 6.1+

It seems that the manual needs an update, the question is asked often…

Thank you for help.

For the convenience of the community we (@Wolle, @DerDanilo) are working on writing another, step by step manual for Seafile CE and have no time to update the official one.
Sorry but my opinion is that the Seafile team should update the manuals of a product that they sell, when adding features or changing settings prior to changes released to customers/clients. This is the way how software dev usually works.

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