SeaDrive 2.0.13 is released!

Change logs:

  • [Win] Fix crash issue when multiple accounts with the same name are used
  • [Win] Improve download speed for large files
  • [Win] Improvement and bug fixes for context menu
  • [Win] A few UI fixes
  • [Win] Support preconfigure cache folder location
  • [Mac] Fix bug for cleaning cached file/folder

Fantastic work! Thank you so much. This is the second Drive update with M1 support for Mac - just wondering, when will you add M1 support for the Sync Client? :slight_smile:

It’s already supported. Have a try.

Thank you for replying.

I mean the ‘Desktop Syncing Client’ not the ‘Drive Client’ - the 8.0.0 beta sync client does not have Native M1/Apple ARM support yet. It is this one I am looking forward to. :slight_smile:

It is related to this Feature Request:

When I click “Check for Updates” in 2.0.12 it says I’m up to date. Should I just download the new version off the Seafile site or will the update eventually appear on the existing installed app?

You should manually download the latest version.

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It’s on our plan but relies on thirdparty library support. So it has to wait.

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We detected an issue where files /folders had a space at the end of the name (created by macOS) and could not be displayed on windows clients. After removing the space from the name, the drive client shows that the internal database is corrupt. And the drive client also did not list the files in the file sync errors tab as the sync client does.

Can you check this?

We’ll check it.