Seadrive error when deleting files or folders (windows drive client v2.0.15)

SeaDrive client error when deleting a file or folder in windows:

“Interrupted Action”
“An unexpected error is keeping you from deleting the folder.”
“Error 0x80070185: The cloud operation was unsuccessful”

User has full write access to the files.
Files / folders can be read and modified in-place, however user cannot delete the file in windows.
Deleting the file/folder in the web client works fine.

Drive client 2.0.15 (Doesn’t appear to be a problem with 2.0.14 or earlier)
Windows Version 21H1 (and also confirmed on 20H2)

This is a bug that has already been reported. Will be fixed in 2.0.16 according to Seafile Ltd.

If you want to delete the file,
a.) you can do this via the webinterface or
b.) you need to first delete all local copies in the folder in question using “Free up space” on the parent folder level.

this is still not fixed on 2.0.21 @daniel.pan . I can confirm this is still happening, when opening the file .
please fix this. @Jonathan

Showing this error when opening a file is another unrelated bug. Please refer to this FAQ: Seafile FAQ & Known-Issues

Thank you , in the FAQ it’s says it’s a bug before version 2.0.18 . I am running 2.0.21
Are there any plans to fix this bug in the future?

Also are there any prior versions of seadrive that this issue doesn’t exist?

The bug has been fixed in 2.0.18. But the damage to placeholder files is permanent. So upgrading the client cannot fix the damage.

They have always been on 2.0.21

This is caused by failure to update placeholder’s size due to permission errors. SeaDrive 2.0.22 includes a fix to this issue. But it may not be able to fix the damage to existing placeholders. You still have to remove the local seafile account, and remove the sync_root folder (or choose another sync_root path).

thank you this update made a huge difference