Seafile 11x - unclear support status, forced impossible upgrade from 10x to 11x

Scared by (1.) I’m trying to upgrade the 10x to 11x, but there are several issues not to mention poorly executed release campaign and overall complexity of this solution.

  1. Versions table says that the 10x is supported, but the end of support date is/was 31-Dec-2023. Which statement is true? (Seafile Release Table)
  2. Version 11x IS NOT WORKING WITH SQLITE despite something else is stated here: Major changes in Seafile version 11.0 - #23 by daniel.pan
  3. SQLite migration scripts are not working correctly. I don’t even know how to log the whole import operation (I’m not proficient with mysql stuff) but there are several errors like:
  • ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘, reporter text NOT NULL) ENGINE=INNODB’ at line 1
  • ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table ‘seahub_db.custom_share_permission’ doesn’t exist

Wouldn’t be better to provide the app (python or whatever) to directly interact with the db instance and seafile sqlite files to handle the errors, exceptions etc automatically? Also it would be able to precheck the installation state and handle whatever is needed? Similar thing could be done instead of those somehow unreliable upgrade scripts.

More about the scripts - can those import sql scripts use the transactional approach? - I’m not sure if this is possible with so huge amount of import data but I guess it is possible. Importing partial data to mysql can be harmful right?

The information about the future upgrade and sudden drop of support of the SQLite engine WAS EXTREMELY POORLY EXECUTED. I know I should to read the release page etc but I’m doing that usually with the changelog, but I never seen any word about planned SQLite support drop till very “now”. You should at least say about something like that releasing older version too saying “be warned, the next version of Seafile wont support SQLite databases” rather than force the users to shutdown the solution due to unclear support status and unreliable and even not possible upgrade.

I don’t even mention some simple things like admin newsletter, admin update notification etc.

That was a bit of a rant maybe, but seriously, after so many years of being the community release user I have to say… For me, the Seafile is now just a toy that can’t be treated seriously with this kind of development and releases approach - totally unprofessional.

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It seems I owe you an apology for not being clear. My process for deploying version 11 on Debian 12 (and probably other distributions that don’t let pip break system-owned files) does not use sqlite. My post was meant only to say that I had found a working way to run seafile with dependencies installed by pip into a python virtual environment (venv) owned by the seafile user, and using mysql.

I actually had no idea support for sqlite was being dropped. I’ve largely ignored sqlite related things because I converted my installations to mysql (actually mariadb) years ago. Since I am not using sqlite, I tend to ignore discussions about it (like docker and other options I am not using).

I’m sorry my bad actually, I was referring to this: Major changes in Seafile version 11.0 - #23 by daniel.pan

I will fix the link. Everything else stays the same and it is actual.

I just moved to NEXTCLOUD [AIO docker installation which is kinda super simple if you do that on dedicated VM at least] just for testing, will see. Maybe I will setup the SEAFILE again from scratch with proper db backend but not now until the documentation / roadmap / support information mess remains unsolved.

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the inconvenience caused to you and to other users that have similar situation.

Seafile 10.x is not supported. We forgot to update the Release Table after the end of support date was passed.

Regarding SQLite support, here are the details:

  1. We was planned to support it in version 11 too, but mark it as deprecated, to give users 1 year to migrate from SQLite to MySQL. But currently, there are some bugs when using SQLite as database in recent releases. We are still working on it.

  2. I suggest users to migrate from SQLite to MySQL before upgrade to version 11.

  3. We are summarize the common problems people will encounter when migrating from SQLite to MySQL in the document: Migrate From SQLite to MySQL - Seafile Admin Manual

Thank you for you reply. One thing which I can add is that you should review your upgrade and support policy. I think the new (11x) version came up recently but at the same time the support for 10x is dropped almost immediately. I think this is not something that especially PRO users want to ever see. There should be at least some reasonable time overlap between those versions - specially now when there are so many issues with the upgrade. [I meant support for security related issues only].

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You have a good point.

Our current strategy is to seek a balance between maintenance cost and users/customers experience.

For pro edition, there are 9 to 12 months overlap for the old version and new version.

For community edition, we are trying to release a stable version of the new version before the end-of-support date for the old version. But in the future, we can extend the support of the old version for extra 3 months to better handle the overlap.

I would like to add that issues in the upgrade procedure should be solved before dropping support for “old” versions.
Looking at threads like this: Upgrade from 10.0.1 to 11.0.5 - Issues with MYSQL , it really doesn’t inspire confidence that will go smoothly.

I suggest that you at least support v10 until v11-pro is released. From my understanding, the pro version is released, after the free users beta tested the non-pro version.