Seafile android client 2.2.34 photo preview doesn't work

I have problem with preview photos with Seafile client on Android phone, seafile version is 2.2.34. Only way to view pictures is download them first. Videos works without problem. Currently I use Seafile version 8.0.5, but with version 7.1.5 also doesnt work. On ios devices, everything works perfect.


Yesterday I tried older version of Seafile client on android and last, which works is 2.2.28. On newest versions, when I open photo, I see black screen.

Same for me, currently using version 2.2.39 of seafile android client.

I cannot reproduce your problem with 2.2.39.

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The root cause of your problem does not seem to sit with the android app.

See your other topic: Location: Can't donwload images

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no. the root cause obviously is not nginx configuration. I had same situation that without any changes including nginx, the latest Android client cannot show thumbnails and the pictures.

For me image previews/thumbnails didn’t work in the android app. In the error.log I could see lots of SSL handshake errors which occurred while I tried to refresh the view. To fix I had to add intermediate and root certificates into my site crt file.