Seafile community edition 9.0.6 is ready! Docker image is upgrated

The main change is in the Docker image. The way of getting LetsEncrypt certification is changed.

Since version 9.0.6, we use Acme V3 (instead of acme-tiny) to get certification.

If there is a certification generated by an old version, you need to back up and empty the old certification directory before starting.

mv /opt/seafile/shared/ssl /opt/seafile/shared/ssl-bak

Starting the new container will automatically apply a certificate.

docker-compose down
docker-compose up -d

A cron job inside the container will automatically renew the certificate.

The changelog:

  • Show table of contents in Markdown sharing link
  • Check if quota exceeded before file uploading in upload sharing link
  • Support import group member via contact email

Glad to hear the certificate issues in docker have been solved.
However your upgrade instructions won’t work for me. Moving the ssl directory just leads to nginx not finding the cert and not initilizing.
Is the letsencrypt script executed at all at startup?

Actually removing the nginx conf file helps to get a step further.
But then letsencrypt complains about missing “socat”.
Stuck there at the moment.

I ended up installing socat, commiting the change to a local seafile docker image and then run the compose with that image. Now it’s up and running.

Thank you for your feedback. It is indeed necessary to move the seafile.nginx.conf to use the new certificate. We will fix the upgrade document as soon as possible.

Thank you for the release. I was hoping the compatibility with new versions of OnlyOffice would also be fixed, but the merge request hasn’t been merged. More in this thread: Seafile 9 + OnlyOffice 7.1 can't open publicly shared docs