Seafile pro edition 6.1.7 is ready!

This is a maintenance release. The user role feature is improved. Now you can sync roles from AD/LDAP, wildcard matching is also supported when mapping role from Shibboleth attribute. Here is the changelog:

  • [fix] Fix a bug when concurrent uploading/creating files (in the old version, when a user uploading/deleting multiple files in cloud file browser, it had a high chance to get “internal server error” message)
  • [fix] Fix thumbnails for some images that 90 degrees rotated
  • [fix] Fix support for resumable file upload
  • [fix] Fix MySQL connection pool in Ccnet
  • [fix] Use original GIF file when view GIF files
  • [fix, API] Check if name is valid when creating folder/file
  • Remove deleted libraries in search index
  • Use 30MB as the default value of THUMBNAIL_IMAGE_SIZE_LIMIT
  • [API] Improve performance when move or copy multiple files/folders
  • [admin] Support syncing user role from AD/LDAP attribute (
  • [admin] Support deleting all outdated invitations at once
  • [admin] Improve access log
  • [admin] Support upload seafile-license.txt via web interface (only for single machine deployment)
  • [admin] Admin can cancel two-factor authentication of a user
  • [admin, role] Show user’s role in LDAP(Imported) table
  • [admin, role] Add wildcard support in role mapping for Shibboleth login
  • [admin] Improve performance in getting total file number, used space and total number of devices
  • [admin] Admin can add users to an institution via Web UI
  • [admin] Admin can choose a user’s role when creating a user

Has this been fixed?

@drdrake I think yes!

Did you compile it on CentOS 7, so that LDAPS is working again?

Can you give us the change log of version 6.1.8 Pro edition or it’s a version for a particular customer. Thank you

Maybe 6.1.7 had a critical problem and devs had to remove it?

I think that if it was critical, Daniel would have made an announcement

I have updated the changelog. It has a bug in license check when license expired. It actually has “no effect” on the user’s side.

When is the two-factor option* for the community edition available?

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I like to ask again:

This is very important to us.