Seafile pro server 7.0.4 is ready!

The release fixes most of the problems and missing features reported in the last month. Here is the changelog:

  • Fix file upload button with Safari, IE edge
  • Support setting history and cleaning trash for department libraries
  • Fix compatibility with “Open library in web” from the old version desktop client
  • Support “.” in group name
  • Add back “can edit” permission for sharing links for office file
  • Add back “send link” for upload links
  • Add back grid view for folder sharing links
  • Support creating encrypted libraries for department libraries
  • Fix preview for PSD, TIFF files
  • Fix deleting of favorite items when they are shared items but the sharing are revoked
  • Fix avatar broken problem when using a non-standard port
  • Fix resumable file uploading
  • Other UI Improvements and fixes

Hi Daniel,
thanks for 7.0.4!
I think one new feature that merits a special mention is multiple file drag & drop in the column view. (This was actually a feature I would have requested for 7.1.)

Hi Daniel,

I noticed that smart links icon is still missing in the grid view.

Could you add it back ?

It is only available in preview and is not available at all for Office documents opened in OnlyOffice.



Do you mean drag multiple files in the file tree? In the file list, multiple files can actually be selected and dragged (but the drag animation only show one file).

From our point of view, this feature was less used and not worth to put in this obvious place. We will think about a better place for this feature.

Exactly! I really like it. (I don’t care if the drag animation shows only one file.)

I think the “Share” dialog is the “natural” place for the internal link feature. The share dialog could look something like this (@gauburtin: What do you think?) :



We used it a lot and are very sorry about this missing feature


What about we add it to the sharing dialog? (Adding a tab “internal link”)

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Hi @daniel @rdb

For sure, adding the internal link feature to the share dialog box would be nice : it is quite a better place for it, instead of multiples buttons that users can not understand.

@rdb I would add it the first item of the list, before download link.

But As @daniel.pan suggests, it could be separated from other links in a dedicated tab. I don’t know what would be better for user’s understanding, but i would suggest a separated tab.

But then you should rename Shared link > “External link”
and add “Internal Link”

Thank you for the discussion !


@daniel.pan, @gauburtin and I said that the share dialog is the best place for the internal link, so I think we found the right place. :wink:

Regarding the placement in the share dialog, I think an extra tab for the internal link is one possible way to go. Given the current structure of the share dialog, it is the logical way to go (and the fastest for sure).

However, when going beyond the currect structure of the share dialog, I think my proposal (see mock-up above) has advantages:
1.) It does away with redundancy (e.g., “share to user”, “share to group”) making the dialog cleaner and lighter.
2.) It aggregates things that belong together in their separate tabs facilitating navigation as it presents the climbing down in the decision tree.
3.) If, one day, a combined up- and download link will be added, it can be easily integrated in the proposed structure. (Don’t get me wrong, I don’t see an urgent need for the combined link, but the feature request has been out for quite a while.)

Finally, I’ll be happy with either decision! Most importantly, the share link should be added back. The placement is a second order priority.


for migration in 6.3.14 I had put a notification banner, that I had not been removed, after migrating a blank page after authentication … I had to go delete it with version 6.3. 14 and then put back the 7.0.4 …

In 7.0.4 download folder / directory dont work, in 7.0.3 its works…

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It’s somehow still beta. I suggest you to wait for a later release. But then again it will contain other bugs since every release contains changes/features and there never seems to be a stable release.


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