Seafile server 6.3 is ready for testing! A WYSIWYG Markdown editor and more

Well, this might be a clever solution but our policy currently doesn’t allow using docker, hence this is not an option. But what’s the point of having every port but 1 configurable anyway?

PS: Is there a reason why Github issues seem to be ignored by developers? I see hardly any response from developers on Github.

Support issues should go to the forum. We don’t response to support issues in Github.

I suspect that the lack of official responses creates a lot of unnecessary frustration for your users. If you don’t respond to Github issues, why not just disable issues on Github in general? Or atleast create an issue template stating that issues don’t receive responses by you and direct them to the forum?

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This might be stated on your website (or wherever you copied it from) but I can’t find anything like this mentioned on Github. For some people like me it’s a natural thing to first look at the Github issues if they exist. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to briefly inform the users who are already on Github.

Apart from that I see a huge amount of bugs on Github who seem to have never received any official response.

PS: Sorry for abusing this topic - this was not my intention.


It is from the readme of the seafile repository (GitHub - haiwen/seafile: High performance file syncing and sharing, with also Markdown WYSIWYG editing, Wiki, file label and other knowledge management features.). I agree that there should be more communication. I also think the policy should be implemented consequently, thus issues that aren’t bugs should be closed immediately.


Well, containers are part of the future. Push for a change of your policy then. :wink:

It would be good if one could choose an existing library for the personal wiki like it was possible in 6.2.

Thanks for the great work! Cannot wait to see Seafile Pro 6.3!

Do you think you can update/detail the roadmap? I guess I am not the only one interested to see what other things Seafile 6.x and 7 have in store for us?!

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After reinstallation of this problem no longer exists, I suspect that it is memcached, it constantly reports errors.

@xiez, @daniel.pan
Why is the h1 header missing in the content, is it an error?

A plain text editor does not show all the text. If you click on it with the mouse, it is displayed completely.

Not an error. A document should have only one h1 at the top. No need to put it in the outline (contents).

This is a known bug on Windows. We will fix it soon.

Hmm, in my opinion it would be nice to add the header h1 to the content.
For example, my page looks like this (the same form is used by Google in github):
text 1
text 2
text 3

In this case, from the content without the title h1, I can not go to text 1.

You then have an incorrect readme.markdown file on github, it contains 12 headers h1. (

What about h4-h6 headers? They are absent in the editor.

Error with a frozen hint.

  1. Open markdown file.
  2. Click on Edit button.
  3. Click on Save button.
    As a result, a hint appears which then does not disappear until the page is refreshed.

There are no hints for the button Content and the button Explorer.
When you move the mouse cursor over the inactive button Save, a hint does not appear.

quick question as it is not in the changelog: Is a search feature coming to seafile CE in 6.3? The current help files could allow the interpretation that only Microsoft Office may be fulled indexed in the pro edition but other files might be indexed in the CE edition as well (

This a key feature really missing from the CE edition…


Have to admit that i liked the old design more. For example the new “add library” buttom placement seems a little weird.

According to one of the devs, there are no plans to add a search feature to the CE version of Seafile.

Hi everybody,
probably a silly question: what do I have to add to the to enable the guest invitation feature? I didn’t found anything on github or in seafile manual.

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On pro version

## Enable Guest invitation

I don’t know if it works on CE version.