Seafile server 6.3 is ready for testing! A WYSIWYG Markdown editor and more


Thanks @gauburtin,
I am confused. 6.3. pro is not available, yet. Was this feature already available in 6.2?
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Yes it was, on 6.0.6


I updated to version 6.3.1 today, but this bug has not been fixed.
And what about these questions?


I have upgraded to version 6.3 and seafile can´t start

seafile[19248]: Error: ‘/media/xxxxx13-dd9d-4869-b8b5-xxxxx/xxxxxx/conf/gunicorn.conf’ doesn’t exist

these file is new to me


Is it normal that v6.3.1 is much slower than 6.2.5?

import os

daemon = True
workers = 5

default localhost:8000

bind = “”


pids_dir = ‘/home/seafile/pids’
pidfile = os.path.join(pids_dir, ‘’)


logs_dir = ‘/home/seafile/logs’
errorlog = os.path.join(logs_dir, ‘gunicorn_error.log’)
accesslog = os.path.join(logs_dir, ‘gunicorn_access.log’)

for file upload, we need a longer timeout value (default is only 30s, too short)

timeout = 1200

limit_request_line = 8190

This file is also new to me, but it’s existing.



Same problem for me/
I do a minor update from 6.2.5 to 6.3.1 and get the same error.
Go back to 6.2.5…
Is there a solution?



now works!

is there any wiki about all the config options for that file?


Your problem is that there is no write permission for the folder from the user you’ve upgraded. Change it with chmod and upgrade another time.