Seafile server 7.1.3 is ready!

This is a stable release. Docker version will be released in the next week.

The changelog:

  • Support sort libraries by size and number of files in admin panel
  • Support sort users by used storage in admin panel
  • [fix] Fix Markdown print for markdown with more than 1 page
  • Other UI fixes

You can sort the libraries (size/number) only descending, ascending is not working. The sort direction parameter is not passed to the XHR request. It is working correctly for users though.

What about making the other columns sortable as well? This would be very useful sometimes and shouldn’t be hard to add now.

Compairing revisions of text files disappeared. Is this feature coming back in a next version?

I think sorting size/number by ascending does not make much sense. Sorting by other columns does not make much sense, we have no plan to add them at the moment.

The feature can’t work after we had rewrote the frontend by React for a long time. We don’t have a plan to re-implement the feature yet.

Will the docker images be updated to this version soon?

Please read the first line in the post.

Oh, somehow I missed that line