Seafile server 7.1.4 is ready!

This is a maintenance release with the following fixes and improvements:

  • [fix] Fix page error in “System Admin-> Users -> A User -> Groups”
  • [fix] Fix listing LDAP imported users when number of users is greater than 500
  • Support selecting and downloading multiple files in a sharing link
  • Show share link expiration time in system admin
  • [fix] Fix file download links in public libraries
  • Other UI fixes

I have a problem with the read-only shared library. I described in detail my problem here.
Please, help me to solve it, if it possible.

We have a shared dir among a few users. it shows that it has 5.5 gb in it. no one, not even the creator can see any files in the dir.

if i log in as admin it shows the dir and its size
server is 7.1.3. The problem started after upgrading from 7.0.2

any idea how to fix this? the files are important so we would like to get them back.


Video thumbnail does not work. No errors, in config enabled.
mp4 thumb available by URL (/thumbnail/d4970e4d-bfab-432c-a34e-7a4f42358455/192/My%20Photos/Camera/20200507_235054.mp4) but in library shown as icon anyway (/media/img/file/192/video.png)

Video thumbnails are no longer supported.

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Ah, any reason why video thumbnails are no longer supported? It seems a bit of a backwards step!

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I just noticed, that if a click on About in the web client I get

Server Version: 7.1.4
© 2019 Seafile

Not a show-stopper by any stretch of the imagination, but shouldn’t it be © 2020?

No *x86-64.tar.gz option for the 7.1.x versions?
I’m in 7.0.17 and the 7.0.18 is missing this option also.

Is this option being discontinued?

I’m on Arch Linux and have been installing Seafile manually with the *x86-64.tar.gz option

This is just a change of name. The package with CentOS suffix is the same as the original *x86-64.tar.gz.