Seafile community edition 8.0 is ready for test!

Happy new year everyone!

There are two major features in version 8.0:

  1. Searching files in a library via file name
  2. Open cloud mesh to share files between servers

You can find more information about open cloud mesh here:

Other major changes:

  • Upgrade Django to 2.2 version
  • Remove ccnet-server component

Please find upgrade instructions at:


There are two major features in version 8.0:

  1. Searching files in a library via file name
  2. Open cloud mesh to share files between servers

DOUBLE WOW!! :heart_eyes:

Thank you so much @daniel.pan! Happy new year for you and your team as well!

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Some feedback on search:

i) it doesn’t seem to support wildcards (e.g. *.pdf)
ii) there is no visual feedback when a search is being performed - so having an empty list of results could be because the search is still running (if the library is large) or that the search has completed and find no results (with no indication as to which)

Despite that this is a much welcomed addition.



Cool new feature file name search - Is it exposed to the REST API - Could you explain?

Yes, you can check the usage of this api here: File Search - web-api

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Hello @daniel.pan,
will there also be a docker release that docker users may also test version 8?

Instructions are unclear about required packages for the v8 upgrade.

pip3 install --timeout=3600 Pillow pylibmc captcha jinja2 sqlalchemy django-pylibmc django-simple-captcha python3-ldap to install the new packages.

managed to do the trick.

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Worth updating the apt install line from
apt-get install default-libmysqlclient-dev
apt-get install default-libmysqlclient-dev python-pip3

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I note that the API supports both keyword search and filename search whereas the UI only appears to support the former.

Also for keyword searching the API allows filtering by date and size (however, the API doesn’t seem to permit these filters for filename searching which seems a little odd - although it is not clear if the API permits wildcards for filename searchs) - again this filtering does not seem available through the UI,


The first API is for file search in pro edition. The second API is for file search in community edition.

I’ve created a Dockerfile for v8.
ggogel/seafile-docker branch 8.0 on github
I’m currently working on a completely overhauled docker deployment, which is closer to containerization best-practices. I’m also trying to seperate seafile and seahub. I’ll post a full documentation on all this in the repo soon.


@daniel.pan can we move/merge/mention
8.0.2: password protected Upload link and
here? Both are things affecting 8.0.x breaking behavior when comparing to 7.x

While the upload link thing seems to be a bug, the webdav/2FA change is still not mentioned anywhere than this thread: Disable webdav for users that have 2fa enabled
I guess it affects a lot more installations. While I get the reasoning behind it, I’m glad I knew before upgrading (by reading it by chance) so we can get our stuff in order first. Please add it to your changelog.

My docker rework is done and now available at ggogel/seafile-containerized at github including an extensive documentation.


@daniel.pan have you looked at the great work done by @ggogel . I would highly recommended to utilize his work for future docker deployments…

On another note: Can I now simply upgrade from 7.1.5 to 8.0.3 when running docker? there are no docker specific upgrade instructions (or at least I could not find them…)

@ggogel thanks for your image, using it behind nginx-proxy works much better than the official image.

I only have one problem:
I am syncing from my server to seafile via rclone. This works great for 60 minutes but then syncing fails with the following errors:

Internal server error during file upload

So there must be a timeout somewhere between rclone - nginx-proxy - ggogel caddy - ggogel seafile. I could not find out where the problem come from and how to fix it.

Do you have an idea?
Can it probably be something inside your docker containers?

@michburt Thanks, glad you’re liking it. Usually all web servers and reverse proxy applications are configured with a connection timeout of 30s by default. Keep in mind that there’s going to be at least one connection per file, for larger files maybe multiple connections per file, although I’m not sure how rclone or seafile are handling this specifically.

So a timeout after syncing for 60 minutes seems rather odd to me. On which protocol does rclone communicate with seafile? webdav?