Seafile Server in Docker on Microsoft Server 2019


in the meanwhile, Microsoft has released Server 2019 for the second time. Server 2019 is similar to the current version of Windows 10 in many respects. Now Server 2019 also offers the possibility to install a Unix subsystem. Unlike Windows 10, this Unix subsystem runs in the background as a service. You can also install a Docker version for Server 2019 for free, which is also active as a background process.

From this context, I would be interested to know to what extent the Docker implementation of Seafile can be installed on Microsoft Server 2019? Are there any efforts on the part of Seafile here? Have any pioneers tried to run Seafile as Docker Container on Server 2019?

A step-by-step guide for non-Unix users like me, who only have a little more administrator experience with Microsoft operating systems, would be really great. I’m still running the latest available version of Seafile for Windows and wonder how many vulnerabilities it has in the meantime. For this reason alone I would be very interested in running a current version of Seafile on a Server 2019 platform, even if it is a Docker Container. I could well imagine that some other hobby Windows administrators are represented here, who would certainly have a lot of desire to familiarize themselves with Linux, but who lack the necessary time for it.

Greetings from Germany,


I don’t know anyone who uses Seafile Docker on Windows, but obviously the developers did it, so it has to be possible. Looking forward to your experiences…