Seafile version 6.1.0 beta is ready for testing!

We are proud to announce that Seafile 6.1 has been released. Version 6.1 added two online office suite integration, Collabora and OnlyOffice to the community edition. You can find detailed changes below.

Online office suite integration

Collabora Online and OnlyOffice are now supported in community edition. You can create new office files in the web interface and edit them with one of the office suite.

New office file

Web UI Improvement

Several UI improvement are added in this version. The most wanted improvement is using a large thumbnail (1024px) when view an image online, instead of using the original image.

Most photos taken by phones are of size 2MB to 4MB. A thumbnail of such image is of size 200KB to 400KB. Thus the speed of loading such photos is increased. This photo orientation issue is also solved.

The UI for viewing photos is also improved:

Photo View

Other UI improvements include:

  • Add thumbnail for videos
  • Enable drag and drop files to sub-folders
  • PDF preview is improved for HiDPI screen
  • Folder upload is supported in community edition

Improvement for administation

In previous versions, when a file is accidentally modified or deleted, it is hard to find the client to blame. This version added a column in file in history page to show which client modified a file.

device in library history

Other improvements:

  • Admin can set user’s quote, delete users in bulk
  • Support using admin panel in mobile platform
  • Add translation for settings page

System changes

From this version, the Wiki module is hidden by default. Users will not be able to turn it on. From our feedback, this feature is not used by most users. For compatibility with old version, you can turn it on by adding the following line to


Other changes:

  • Upgrade Django to 1.8.18
  • Clean Ajax API
  • Increase share link token length to 20 characters

Note for upgrade

If you upgrade from 6.0, you need to install ffmpeg package to let the video thumbnail work correctly:

# for ubuntu 16.04
apt-get install ffmpeg
pip install pillow moviepy

# for Centos 7
yum -y install epel-release
rpm --import
yum -y install ffmpeg ffmpeg-devel
pip install pillow moviepy

And when does 6.0.7 or 6.0.9 or even 6.1.0 for Windows Server come out?

Windows server is only released occasionally.

I cannot wait to compile it :slight_smile:


Is improving markdown support postponed or just not part of this beta?

Thanks for the new release.

At first glance the OnlyOffice integration works very well,much better than Collabora Online(for me).

Is it planned to implement, the editing function of documents without login?
Access only over web-link aka the “Collaboration links”.

Best thanks for the grade work at Seafile.

Thank you SO much!

[quote=“daniel.pan, post:1, topic:2758, full:true”]
From this version, the Wiki module is hidden by default. Users will not be able to turn it on. From our feedback, this feature is not used by most users.[/quote]

Well, I would love to use it if it were a Wiki. As far as I experienced Seafile-Wiki is only a folder containing markdown files (which you can set up in any library - no need for a Wiki feature).
If there would be the possibility to set up a at least something that supports pages with sub pages the Seafile wiki concept would be compareable to a real Wiki.


I cannot wait to get the result. Thanks for your work!

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The Beta is already compiled since yesterday :slight_smile:

In a couple of minutes should go online…


Will it have GC for the backup server?


Does this give us full access to everything OnlyOffice has including CRM, Mail, Etc, or is it Documents only?

I am looking forward for testing the office solution. Keep up the good work!

upgraded from 6.0.2 on ubuntu. I am getting always

“Unhandled Exception
An unhandled exception was thrown by the application.”

only suspicious error is in controller.log: [05/14/17 10:38:07] seafile-controller.c(528): seafdav not enabled.
no errors in the logs directory whatsoever. nginx runs fine. apt-update and upgrade was done. hmmm.
EDIT: made a new topic: 6.1 beta "Unhandled Exception"

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No. Only Document Server is integrated.


Thanks for the clarification. Is that just how integration with OnlyOffice works or is that all Seafile has decided to currently integrate?

We only plan to integrate with OnlyOffice’s document feature.

Try install this python module: sudo pip install requests

Thanks, but this module is already installed.
EDIT: I wonder how to isolate this problem. For me it seems like a problem with Django, does it?

When can we expect a stable release?

i’d assume that (racist) bloke is trying to blackmail seafile for not releasing something that would harm their business model. i got here now because he/she turned up in the RSS feed.

Hello everyone !

How Can I deactivate video previews for my seafile server ?
Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: