SeafileDocs updates (v1.1.0): File tags improvement and simplified draft and review process


  • Simplified draft and review process
  • Improved Wiki mode
  • Improved file tags
  • Format check for Markdown files

This release includes some database tables updates. The updates will be automatically applied when you start the new Docker image.

Simplified draft and review process

  • You don’t need to create a review for reviewing a draft. Just send the draft file URL to others.
  • Draft can be published directly.

Improved Wiki mode

  • The size of left and right columns of Wiki mode can be adjusted.
  • Add a button to open a file in a new browser tab.
  • Improved icons for files in the tree view.

Improved file tags

File tags can be preserved when files are renamed or moved.

Tag colors are improved.


Format check for Markdown files

After saving a Markdown file, the format will be checked. Problems like title missing or headings end with a colon will be discovered.

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Hi, in case of a public wiki, it looks that drag and drop from *.md files generates public links.
But in the case of a pdf file, even stored in downloads folder, drag and drop do not generate a public link. You have to manually share the file and add the link. Is it by design ?

Could you also add “upload / link to file” button and add files into downloads folder and auomatically share the file ?


The feature of generating download link for files in downloads folder will be added soon.

Can be give more information about this feature? When you editing a Markdown file, you may edit a Markdown that not in a public Wiki, in this case automatically put the linked files to download folder does not make sense.

Sharins files before adding links into the wiki is quite complicated compared to drag and drop of MD files and images :sunglasses:

You may have an Add file button with two actions :

  • Upload file > then copy to downloads Folder
  • Choose file > then choose from library subfolders

You could then address library mode managament and wiki managament.
The need for creating public links is only for public wikis, but if also works on a standard wiki, why not making it standard ?