Search by keywords with Seadrive v3.X.X on Mac


I can’t do any keyword search in the new Seadrive 3.X.X version neither via Finder nor via Easyfind…

Any solution?

Regards, Onesime

What do you mean by ‘keyword’? By tags or comments?

When I say keywords, I mean searching for documents based on a word contained in the title of the document and/or in its content…

I did a quick check and it seems to work using EasyFind 5.0.2, Seafile Drive Client 3.0.6 and Ventura 13.6.3.

Can you say more about your environment, like version of macOS, types of files of greatest interest, server type and version, etc? -Thanks

I am on Seadrive Client 3.0.7, Seadrive serveur 9.0.10, Mac OS Sonoma 14.2.1 and EasyFind 5.0.2,
I just remade a test with some other word or parameters and it works… but it take so long time… we have “only” 700 Go of documents on our drive.
I use EasyFind mainly to find specials characters not allowed by Windows (for our backup system) like space at the end of folders names, interrogation point, etc. on the previous versions of Seadrive 2.0.26, it took less than 2 minutes to scan all our cloud… and now, after 10 minutes, it’s still running.

I can’t deploy this version for our users which want to find documents… and on the seafile webversion, the search component works only the library, not on the base (to scan all the cloud)

Is the delay being caused by content searching or is it just as true for file names?

If I remember correctly there was an issue a few years ago where the Seafile sync client flagged files that had characters not permitted in Windows. You might look here for an example.

One approach in dealing with this while the client was being worked on was to list the offending files and change (or omit) the offending characters similar to what I think you are doing with EasyFind.

For example, in a terminal go to a folder of interest on SeaDrive and enter:

find . -name '*[<>:"/\|?*]*'

You should see a list of offending files (hopefully not too many!) that you can then rename as needed.

This, of course does not address your need to search contents but does it serve as a workaround for file names?

Thank you for this order that I didn’t know about! But I haven’t yet found a way to access the seadrive folder via terminal since the new version 3.X.X.

For my part, I mainly use Easyfind to search for special characters not allowed by Windows; but my colleagues use it to search documents with a keyword (part or all of a word)…
But many found Easyfind too long, so some of them use Seafile Client (which is faster via Finder)… but we don’t have enough space on our computers’ hard drives.
So it’s quite problematic at the moment with people using Sonoma

In the Finder go to:


To reveal the User’s Library you can hold the Option key down and it will appear in the Go menu in the Finder (Desktop).

Once you locate the SeaDrive icon for your User you can make an alias of it and place it on the Desktop for easy access.

I believe the SeaDrive folder will appear in the left side bar of Finder windows too by default.